Abstract Art: Culmination ABSTRACT ART by Taetzsch: Contemporary Paintings & Prints on Canvas

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All HORIZONTAL Paintings on Canvas & Paper

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Original Paintings on Canvas

Abstract Art Seventeen Abstract Art EighteenAbstract Art Twenty Abstract Art Twenty-One

Abstract Patterns FourAbstract Patterns Three Abstract Patterns One Abstract Patterns Two

Abstract Art Sixty-TwoModern Art TenAbstract Art Twenty-Three Abstract Art Twenty-Four

Abstract Art 55 Abstract Art 56 Abstract Art 57 Abstract Art 58

Modern Art: Blue RainModern Art: Blue Rain TwoModern Painting: Celebration Modern Painting: Juno

Abstract Art: If I Had the KeyAbstract Art: ImprovisationAbstract Art: In FieldAbstract Painting: Open Focus

Abstract Painting: Embrace Modern Painting: Finding Your PlaceModern Art ThirteenAbstract Art: Ice Toys Two

Contemporary Painting: Matrix Contemporary Painting: Matrix Two Abstract Art: Om PathAbstract Art Sixty-Six

Modern Art: Sound and Fury One Modern Art: Sound and Fury Two Modern Art: Sound and Fury Three Modern Art: Sound and Fury Four

Original acrylic paintings on archival watercolor paper.

Contemporary Art Forty-Three Contemporary Art Forty-Four Contemporary Art Forty-Five Contemporary Art Forty-Six

Contemporary Art Thirty-Five Contemporary Art Thirty-Six Contemporary Art Thirty-Seven Contemporary Art Thirty-Eight

Contemporary Art Forty-Seven Contemporary Art Forty-EightContemporary Art 49Contemporary Art 50

Contemporary Art: Driving the O Train Contemporary Art: Field Vision Contemporary Art: Garden Two Abstract Painting: Anchoring You

Contemporary Art: Green Plots Contemporary Art: Growing Things Contemporary Art: Halo Effect Above Below

Contemporary Art: HarvestContemporary Art: HibernationContemporary Art: I Stand Ready Abstract Painting: Intensely You

Contemporary Art: ManiaContemporary Art: IntrospectionContemporar Art: Impressions Contemporary Art: Ice Rink Encounter

Contemporary Art: Refracted DreamContemporary Art: Night SongsContemporary Painting: Life Span Contemporary Painting: Ode to You

Contemporary Art: Quirk Contemporary Art: Quirk Two Contemporary Art: Spring Fancy Contemporary Art: Spring Flight

Contemporary Art: Sea Change Contemporary Painting: Sea Dreams Contemporary Art: Seeing True

Contemporary Art: Serious About Blue Contemporary Art: Seriously Contemporary Art: Sierra Climb Contemporary Art: Value Packed

Contemporary Painting: Stand-up Comic Contemporary Art: Star Frond Contemporary Art: Sum of the Parts Contemporary Art: Summer Traveler

Contemporary Art: Swept AwayContemporary Art: Tender Heart Contemporary Art: The Hills Alive Contemporary Art: Visionary Paths

Contemporary Art: Where We DwellContemporary Art: Wave Effect Contemporary Art: Your Intense Fragility

Contemporary Art 51 Contemporary Art 52 Contemporary Art 53 Contemporary Art 55

Contemporary Art: Buttressing HopeContemporary Art: Changing EverythingContemporary Art One Contemporary Art Two

Contemporary Art Three Contemporary Art Four Contemporary Art Five Contemporary Art Six

Contemporary Art Seven Contemporary Art Eight Contemporary Art Nine Contemporary Art Ten

Contemporary Art FifteenContemporary Art Eleven Contemporary Art Twelve Contemporary Art Thirteen

Contemporary Art Seventeen Contemporary Art Eighteen Contemporary Art Twenty-Two Rocking Horse Winner

Contemporary Art Twenty-Three Contemporary Art Twenty-Four Contemporary Art Twenty-Five Contemporary Art Twenty-Six

Contemporary Art Twenty-Nine Contemporary Art Thirty Contemporary Art Thirty-Nine Contemporary Art Forty

Contemporary Art Thirty-One Contemporary Art Thirty-Two Contemporary Art Thirty-Three Contemporary Art Thirty-Four

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