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Absract Art OneAbstract Art ThreeAbstract Art Four

Abstract Art FiveAbstract Art SixAbstract Art SevenAbstract Art eight

Abstract Floral OneAbstract Floral TwoAbstract Floral ThreeAbstract Floral Four

Abstract Painting: Jumping InAbstract Painting: Blue WoodsAbstract Painting: Don't Cry for MeAbstract Painting: Sticky Fingers

Suddenly Spring This Way That This Way That TwoAbstract Painting: Soft Touch

Abstract Painting: Fortune's ChildAbstract Painting: Sun RisingAbstract Painting: Hiding OutHidden Grace

Modern Art Fourteen Modern Art Fifteen Oxygen Accumulation

Things We Don't See Time Search


Paintings on archival watercolor paper.

Contemporary Painting NineContemporary Painting Eleven

Contemporary Painting: Cathedral of the HeartContemporary Painting: Circus PartnersContemporary Painting SixContemporary Painting Eight

Contemporary Painting FiveContemporary Painting TenContemporary Painting SevenContemporary Painting Fourteen

Contemporary Painting: Fan FairContemporary Painting: Finding the PowerModern Art: FrescoStained Glass

Contemporary Painting: Sweet ToothContemporary Painting: Pick Up NotesContemporary Painting: Spatial PlayContemporary Painting: Nave of Hearts

Contemporary Painting: Life Form OneContemporary Painting: Life Form TwoOval BlockWhirlpool Block

Contemporary Painting: TrustModern Art: Winter FieldContemporary Painting: Whim Win SituationContemporary Painting: Sweet Vulnerability

ThicketModern Art: ExcellentModern Art: Leaves of GrassModern Art: Happy Trails

Thicket In IceModern Art: Yin Yang BlockContemporary Painting: Inside Scope

Abstract FlowerAbstract Flower TwoAbstract Flower ThreeAbstract Flower Four

Abstract Flower FiveAbstract Flower SixAbstract Flower FifteenAbstract Flower Sixteen

Floral Painting SevenFloral Painting EightFloral Painting NineFloral Painting Ten

Floral Painting ElevenFloral Painting Twelve


Affordable Prints on Canvas, Paper, Metal or Acrylic in Many Sizes


More about my vertical abstract paintings:

When I paint a square canvas it is most likely to end up totally non-representational or non-objective. A vertical format often lends itself to a non-representational image, but sometimes inspires me to think of trees, stems, or other vertical images of nature. It takes some getting used to when I change from painting a square surface to a vertical. That's why I often stick with one shape at a time, doing a series before I change again.

Some of my nature-inspired vertical paintings are based on images of trees and forests, others on leafy plants, and others on flowers. More geometrical-based non-objective paintings are Circus Partners and Fresco. Another group of four paintings consist of various interpretations of the symbol "X": X Series Three, Four, Five and Eight.

I paint with acrylics using thick paint straight from the tube as well as thinner mixtures of paint, water and glaze medium. I use a brush or palette knife, depending on the effect I want to create. I also draw lines in acrylic paint by screwing a cap onto the end of the paint tube and squeezing the paint through the hole in the end. The use of line is very important to me, providing emphasis, texture, and compositional delineation.

In some of my newer paintings on paper, I used an impressionist technique related to pointillism. The method here is to paint with small brushstrokes of various colors placed close together that accumulate to create the impression of an image. Examples of this technique are Contemporary Painting Five, Seven, and Ten.

My original abstract paintings on canvas are stapled on the back of heavy-duty 1.5 inch thick stretcher bars. The painted image continues around the sides of the painting, so that no frame is required. The original paintings on paper need to be framed behind either glass or plexiglass (acrylic) to protect them.


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