Abstract Art: Culmination Abstract Art Prints on Canvas by Lynne Taetzsch

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Everything You Need to Know about Giclée Prints on Canvas

What They Meant

The term Giclée (pronounced "Zhee-clay") Print refers to fine art reproductions made with museum quality materials using a professional large-format ink-jet printer. During the printing process, a series of tiny spray nozzles emits millions of droplets per second. Because of the way the drops are sprayed and mixed, you get a wider range of color than almost any other type of print available on the market.

What sizes are available?

Giclee prints of each painting are available in sizes from 15" x 15" up to 48" x 48" or 56" x 42" for horizontal and vertical. If you need an even larger size, email Lynne@artbylt.com. We can also split the image in two and make a diptych (two pieces hung side by side):

Abstract Art: Culmination

How is an abstract print on canvas made?

First the original painting is scanned or digitally photographed to produce a very high resolution file. Then a proof is made and matched against the original. After I approve the proof, the final image is printed on canvas and stretched around 1.5" thick stretchers. The canvas is stapled on the back and a mirror image is printed on the sides, so that no frame is required. 

Are all Giclée prints the same?

No, the quality depends on the digital file used to print from, and the accuracy of color and details compared with the original. Other important elements are the quality of the canvas and inks.

What does "museum quality" mean?

Museum quality means the materials used are archival--that is, fade resistant, acid-free, and long-lasting. The inks used in my abstract prints are pigment-based as opposed to dye-based, which makes them archival. It's important that the inks and paper or canvas used to make the print adhere to these standards. Mine do.

What is the value of a "limited edition?"

There is no limit to the number of Giclée prints that could potentially be made from an original piece of art. By limiting an edition to a specific number (mine are limited to 200 of each original), the value of these prints may increase because once the limit is reached, no more will be made.

Should I purchase a print or an original?

An original is a better investment for the future, and should be your first choice if you can afford it. There is nothing exactly like an original.

However, a museum-quality print is an affordable alternative, and seen from a distance, it is hard to tell that my prints are not original paintings. The surface of a print is flat, but from a distance it looks as if it has the same texture as the original.

What is the difference between a Giclée print and other reproductions?

Mass market reproductions such as posters made with off-set printing are not museum quality, and are not archival or long-lasting. They are made in print runs of hundreds to thousands, with low-cost materials, and that's why they are so inexpensive to purchase.

60-day return policy:

I offer the same 60-day money-back guarantee on my prints as my originals.

Free Shipping to the U.S. & Canada. Please email me at Lynne@artbylt.com for shipping costs to other countries.

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