Painting A Garden

After covering the whole 48” x 48” canvas with a soft pale yellow, I drew lines in shades from dark red to orange, in horizontal rows:


Next, I painted in some of the oval shapes in white, red, orange and yellow for a random effect.


Each time I let the canvas dry completely before starting the next phase. This time I selected colors from a very dark green to a light emerald green. I drew a row of up-and-down lines horizontally across the canvas with each color, and then began again.


In the next step, I mixed four grays from a very dark gray to a pale gray. I began by painting in some sections between the green lines, using the dark gray for the dark green row of lines, and so forth.


In the next step, I painted over many of the oval shapes that had been covered over by lines. Thus, I emphasized some of the white, yellow, orange and red shapes so that they stood out.

Then, upon looking more at the painting, I decided that the gray needed to be broken up, so I painted over the grays with shades from lemon yellow to pale green.


In the final stages, I put back some of the gray in the first three rows at the top. I painted a pale yellow-orange row in the middle, and touched up some of the other rows. I also added some pink to the middle section and touched things up in general until I was satisfied.

Garden Medley, 48” x 48” x 1.5”

Garden Medley, 48” x 48” x 1.5”